Top Reasons to Transform Your Spaces with Amberlite Backlit Onyx Panels

Backlit Onyx Panels

Naturally translucent with the appearance of natural onyx, man-made Amberlite backlit onyx panels are an exquisite alternative to solid stone panels and the perfect solution to transforming your spaces with the beauty of natural stone. Here is why…

Backlit Onyx PanelsDisadvantages of Solid Stone Panels

Solid onyx panels are without doubt incredibly beautiful. They are, however, also:

  • Inherently heavy, somewhat fragile and subsequently prone to accidental damage
  • Porous, which may result in staining in the event of spillages
  • Inflexible, meaning they can only be used to transform flat, straight areas

The most commonly used thickness of natural onyx panels is 20 mm. Blocks of raw stone subsequently yield only a limited number of panels, which means to achieve consistency in patterning/tone across larger areas, multiple blocks may have to be used.

This not only adds to the already comparatively high cost of natural onyx but also increases the detrimental impact its use has on the environment.

Potentially requiring major remedial works to existing surfaces, they also require specific fixing methods. This further adds to the overall cost of installing solid onyx panels.

Depending on building load restrictions and available budgets, use of natural onyx panels may subsequently not be a viable option.

Advantages of Amberlite Backlit Onyx Panels

Manufactured using multiple modified high-performance resins (PETG, linked acrylic & acrylic), Amberlite Onyx Panels, on the other hand are:

  • Lightweight, meaning panels can be installed where weight restrictions would make use of solid stone impossible
  • Coloured by hand, meaning each installation is totally unique while consistency of tone/patterning is easy to achieveBacklit Onyx Panels
  • Flexible and can be curved, moulded and sculpted; cut and drilled into any desired complex shape/design
  • Extremely durable, scratch & heat resistant, non-porous & heat safe, making them perfect for use in any functional or commercial environment
  • Significantly less expensive than solid stone in terms of price/panel and environmental impact
  • Quick & easy to install over any existing surfaces via adhesives without the need for expensive remedial works, meaning labour cost is kept minimal

What’s more, Amberlite onyx panels can now be supplied with both sides polished. Allowing both faces to be displayed, this provides for an entirely new range of applications like, for example, door infills, privacy screens, partitions and room dividers where both natural & artificial light can pass through.

Why Amberlite Onyx is Preferable to Solid Stone

Offering unlimited interior design possibilities, Amberlite onyx panels allow you to bring the magnificent beauty of onyx into your spaces:

  • At a fraction of the cost (budget-wise and environmental) of solid stone
  • Even in buildings where use of solid panels would not be possible due to weight limitations
  • Quickly, easily and without excessive mess/dust & labour expenses
  • Not only on straight surfaces (walls, ceilings, counter/bar tops/fronts) but also around columns/other curved areas and as free-standing interior design elements like partitions, privacy screens, etc.

To learn more and/or speak to us about your specific design requirements, please feel free to call us on +44 203 292 0616 today.

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