11th October 2018

Introducing a New Range of Acrylic Custom Made Panels

Translucent Creations proudly introduce an exciting new range of stunningly beautiful acrylic custom made panels with virtually unlimited design possibilities […]
20th September 2017
Backlighting Solutions 1

Factors to Consider when Installing Backlighting Solutions

Backlighting solutions can be used to create a myriad of stunning moods and effects. It is, however, imperative to get […]
13th September 2017
ammonite bathroom1

Enter the New Stone Age with Backlit Ammonite

Once upon a time, many millennia ago, man learned how to use stone for tools. We’ve come a long way […]
21st December 2016

RGB+W LED strip – a better lighting option

RGB LED strip has been around for a while now and has opened the door to previously unheard-of lighting possibilities […]
23rd June 2016
book-matched Amberlite (002)

Amberlite just got better

Amberlite is lighter  and stronger than onyx and Amberlite can be used in numerous applications. It can be supplied as […]
12th November 2015
Amberlite 1

The endless possibilities of Amberlite – so much more than a flat stone panel.