Backlit agate central feature

Quaglino's Mayfair

Busy night at Quaglino's

Luis Blue-Brazilian granite veneered onto glass.

Ammonite bar front and top

Sheerstone backlit onyx

Amberlite columns

Crystal Yellow granite

ME Hotel London Sheerstone white onyx.

Nero Marinace

Sheerstone onyx bar front

Backlit Sheerstone to shower enclosure

Laura Ashley Hotel backlit Amberlite

Sheerstone onyx bar tops

Backlit White Onyx Sheerstone

Welcome to Translucent Creations - Backlit Onyx

Translucent backlit stone decorative wall panels with endless design possibilities

100% unique, visually impressive, and with a timeless natural beauty that lasts a lifetime, our translucent stone surfaces are the ultimate design statement to enhance any interior.

Each Translucent Creations installation is completely individual. With so many different options to select from, you are guaranteed to find a material to complement and enhance any interior design concept. When it comes to backlit Onyx, what is your inspiration?

From the sheer opulence of our Ammonite gemstone panels to the drama of backlit Sheerstone panels, we bring together classically beautiful materials and clever lighting technology to create a show-stopping effect.

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Sheerstone is our range of glass-laminated translucent stone panels available in an unlimited array of colours and patterns including onyx, marble and granite. 


Amberlite is our man-made alternative to stone that offers fantastic translucent qualities as well as the flexibility to adapt to even the most complex design situations.  

LED Lighting

LED lighting can make all the difference when it comes to the final impact of a translucent panel, but it needs to be engineered and configured correctly for optimum effect. 


Ammonite is the ultimate in opulence, with each precious hand-made panel epitomising light and colour in dazzling style.